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Business Security

protect your company’s property, employees and inventory and they can lower the cost of utilities

Personal Security

Personal Security means freedom from violence, the threat of violence, harassment, hazing, abuse of supervisor’s authority, verbal abuse and discrimination in.

Asset and land Security

Many visitors to the Dominican Republic bring along highly valuable personal property or valuable corporate assets. Typically these may include cash, bearer bonds, jewelry, precious metals, works of art and antiquities. They might also include other forms of securities and financial instruments.

Needless to say, in the Dominican Republic or anywhere, these types of valuables require secure and reliable protection.

Safety. Security. Quality.

Quality can be “produced” only to a limited extent through procedures. A key factor in the service we provide is our staff, who is the main driving force ensuring and consolidating our success. It is one of GroupEAD core management principles to identify staff skills and to constantly provide staff with both a challenge and encouragement. In this context, the assumption of managerial responsibilities and the intensification of work in teams are just as important a component of our business policy as they are for all managers.

Each staff member has responsibility for quality, managers most of all.

Personal & Business Security

Entrepreneurs often underestimate security’s role in creating a growth environment. Learn how to secure and protect your business physically and digitally.

Event Services

Success Raj Security Service (Pvt.)Ltd.
is nationally recognized as an industry leading crowd management, event staffing, and consulting company. We provide experienced and trained professionals, managers and personnel to every type of venue and event imaginable. Our team members service thousands of shows and events annually.


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